About LIA

LIA is an acronym for Library and Information Association (Republic of Mauritius). The association regroups professional librarians and para-professional staff (Technicians) working in the library and information sector in Mauritius.
The association was created in Nov 2008 and its objects are: 

  1. To represent and promote the interests of both professionals and para-professionals in the field of Library and Information Science in Mauritius, through the provision of such outreach activities as the organisation  of workshops and conferences, the publication of newsletters and other such publications, the provision of a Continuing Professional Development Programme and other such supports that may deem necessary 
  2. To work towards the promotion of libraries and information centres 
  3. To enable a network of interaction amongst members of the profession through the creation of an online forum 
  4. To enable the creation, maintenance, exploitation and sharing of knowledge and thus fostering a spirit of equal access to both information and knowledge 
  5. To encourage personal professional development through the publication of journals and other such research works of its members
  6. To establish networks with similar professional organizations in other countries for sharing of knowledge, best practices and for the benefit of all library and information workers

Who can be a member?

Any person holding a diploma or higher qualification in Librarianship or Information Science is eligible to become a member.


5 Responses to “About LIA”

  1. Bhooabul Savita Says:

    I appreciated a lot the submissions of my fellow colleagues and former classmates concerning the future of our profession.

  2. Soodarsen Madooray Says:

    A very good way to recognize all the professionals working in documentation and Library services, but a bit late for me as I am living and working in Canada now. As a mauritian citizen and as a Library Officer, I am planning to become a member, and share my ideas and views with my fellow colleagues, after all, we are a big family on a paradise Island..Mauritius.

  3. l.chumun Says:

    The LIA association unbendingly brings forward numerous subjects, issues and most importantly conveys apparent solutions to some matters which inevitably touch the library field. The substantial topics transmitted are helpful to any library personnel, whether in terms of information for academic pursuits, for managerial purposes or just for the sake of keeping up to date in LIS. Such work is certainly worth deep recognition from any appreciative library staff in Mauritius.

  4. Anju Says:

    Hi i do appreciate what the organisation is doing to promote this profession, but one thing that i would like to know is that WHY is it reserved for only those having a diploma or a degree what about those having a certificate are they not eligible to form part and also bring their contribution?

    • liam Says:

      Please be informed that there are three library associations in Mauritius and a Council as regulatory body for the profession. The Association of Professional Librarians is open to degree holders only, the Library and Information Association is open to degree and diploma holders while the Mauritius Library Association is open to all categories of employees in the library sector and even to book lovers. In my view this is not a proper conducive environment for the profession to grow and develop. In a small country like ours the profession is divided and does not speak with one voice. We suggested to all the three associations to merge into a single, robust and dynamic association but the attempt failed.

      As you can see you have an option and can become a member of one of the associations.

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