Digital Library in Mauritius

Bibliotheque NumeriqueThe Agence Universitaire de la Francophonie (AUF), based at Reduit, has developed, in collaboration with the University of Mauritius,  a digital collection on “Mauritiana”. This may be considered as the first digital  library in Mauritius. The collection has been built out of the holdings of the University of Mauritius library and is organised under nine broad subjects. It is searchable and the digitised documents are all in pdf format. Staffs of the University of Mauritius Library and the AUF have plans to digitise more documents and make them available online to the public at large. The digital library may be accessed at  The National Library of Mauritius and the Mauritius Institute of Health are also working on similar projects to build up digital libraries. In the long run, major libraries of the country may ultimately work out a coordinated scheme to digitise and preserve the national heritage of the nation.

P. Hauroo