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This page will contain, besides LIA e-newsletter, all publications related to the development of the library sector in Mauritius. A list of projects and dissertations completed by Mauritian and/or foreign students and press articles published by Mauritians or foreigners on the subject will be compiled to facilitate further research. As far as possible full bibliographic descriptions will be provided. In case an electronic version is available, we intend to upload the document on our site. We hope this will provide easy access to all the scattered materials dealing with the history and development of libraries in Mauritius.

To read the e-Newsletters / publications, just click on the link below.



Vol 2 No 1 (Feb 2010)

vol. 1 no. 4 (Sept 2009)

vol. 1 no. 3 (June 2009)

Special Issue – World Book Day 2009 (23  April 2009)

vol. 1 no. 2 (March 2009)

vol. 1 no. 1 (January 2009)


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  10. Hauroo, Premchand. Development of a National Trade Information System. M.Sc. Information Systems Dissertation. University of Technology, Mauritius 2004.
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  14. Ramjaun, Ibrahim. The Information Audit: A tool for visionary organisations. In L’Express 08, 2000 and PROSI Magazine. August 2000 Issue. Available via http://www.prosi.net.mu/mag2000/379aug/audit379.htm
  15. Ramjaun, Ibrahim. Will the Internet Kill the Printed Book? In L’Express March-April 2005. Reproduced via:  http://thelifeofbooks.blogspot.com
  16. Ramjaun, Ibrahim. A pilot study for the unobtrusive evaluation of the reference service. Unpublished M.Sc dissertation. Birmingham University (U.K.). 2005



3 Responses to “e-Newsletter /Publications”

  1. nunkoo Says:

    Congratulation to the editorial team for this e newsletter

    The association view ant position on the new move of masa to ask Municipal LIBRARY TO PAY A FEE FOR PHOTOCOPIES MADE FOR USERS????
    It seems that Masa has already sent claims to Municipalities?

    Your views pls

    • liam2008mauritius Says:

      A representative from MASA came to explain us the issues involved but confronted with the Copyright Act sections which authorise libraries to make photocopies for private and educational use, he could not say much. The doctrine of “fair use” as in force in the US was also explained to him. He said he would revert back but we have nothing from them up to now. Its a policy decision and its up to the authorities to decide. As for me the Copyright act is clear on this point. Should we take a stand on this as a professional association? Let’s open the debate and see what other members think.

  2. nunkoo Says:

    i share the view of the association .Library should not pay any photocopy fees to masa and if need be a joint action of all libraries will be welcome to counteract masa initiative.I read somewhere that similar initiative has been taken in other countries to levy some type copyright fee on libraries but was forced to backpedal due to libraries objection and stand. Together we need to do same in Mauritius

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