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World Guide to Library, Archive, and Information Science Associations

This handbook provides thorough, up-to-date information on associations concerned with the fields of librarianship, documentation, information science and archives. The third, completely revised and expanded edition contains over 600 comprehensive and updated entries from over 130 countries. The first part lists internationally active associations in alphabetical order. In the second part, national associations are arranged by country, and listed within the countries alphabetically. The volume includes indexes of associations, official journals, officers and subjects.

The World Guide to Library, Archive and Information Science Associations 3rd, is a completely Revised Edition / edited by Alexandra Meinhold.Berlin/Munich: De Gruyter Saur, 2010.

ISBN 978-3-11-022637-9. (IFLA Publications; Nr 142/143).

Euro 129.95 / for USA, Canada, Mexico US$ 182.00. Special price for IFLA members Euro 99.95 / for USA, Canada, Mexico US$ 140.00. Also available as an eBook

reviewLibrary Statistics for the 21st Century World. Ed. by Michael Heaney. Munich: K.G. Saur, 2009 (IFLA Publications Nr 138). ISBN 978-3-598-22043-2. An international collaboration between IFLA, the UNESCO Institute of Statistics and the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) has developed standards for new library indicators for the twenty-first century. The existing international library statistics were developed nearly 40 years ago. This book presents the first results using the new statistics, and look forward to the next steps. It also contains other initiatives and developments in the fields of library statistics, benchmarking and indicators.


Global Library and Information Science: A Handbook for Students and Educators. Ed. by Ismaïl Abdullahi. Munich: K.G. Saur, 2009 (IFLA Publications Nr 136/137).
ISBN 978-3-598-22042-5. This book presents international librarianship and library science through insightful and well written chapters contributed by experts and scholars from six regions of the world. The role of public, academic, special, school libraries, as well as library and information science education are presented from the early development to the present time. Its lively, readable approach will help the reader to understand librarianship in Africa, Asia, Australia and New Zealand, Europe, Latin America and the Caribbean, the Middle East, and North America. Edited by Ismail Abdullahi, Professor of Global Library and Information Science, this book is a must-read by library science students and teachers, librarians, and anyone interested in Global Librarianship.

ifla The Impact of Digital Technology on Contemporary and Historic Newspapers Edited by Hartmut Walravens. In collaboration with the National Library of Singapore. Munich: K.G. Saur, 2008 (IFLA Publications; 135). ISBN 978-3-598-22041-8 . New IFLA Publication on the Impact of Digital Technology on Newspapers: It is a collection of papers written by people having expertise in the field. The papers brought together in this highly actual book are grouped around three themes. Not only the physical and digital preservation of newspapers are treated, but also the service and access models that are currently under development; examples are provided, with a focus on Southeast Asia. Moreover the dynamism of online newspapers is discussed. This volume contains cutting-edge information which is indispensable for the modern newspaper librarian. Also researchers, educators and journalists may benefit from the introduction to current aspects of the important medium that newspapers are in the 21st century.

Price: EUR 99,95 (EUR 75,00 for IFLA Members)
Price for USA, Canada, Mexico US$ 140.00 (US$ 105.00 for IFLA Members)

Foreword – Hartmut Walravens, Chair, IFLA Newspapers Section
Preface – Ngian Lek Choh, Director, National Library Singapore
Keynote Address – Hartmut Walravens, Chair, IFLA Newspapers Section
Track 1: Physical and Digital Preservation of Newspapers
The Future of Newspaper Resource: The development of newspaper
companies and its impact on libraries in managing newspaper resource, education and information literacy programmes – Idris Rashid Khan Surattee

The Australian Newspaper Plan (ANPlan) – Pam Gatenby

The Importance of Partnerships for Newspaper Preservation – Beth M. Robertson

Parallel Session A: Digitisation of Historic Newspapers: Approaches and Challenges

Digitising Historic Newspapers in Germany: the Case of Bavaria – Klaus Ceynowa

19th Century British Library Newspapers: Utilising the Online Database- Ed King

Newspaper Digitisation in the Netherlands: The Dutch Digital Databank for Newspapers and other initiatives – Astrid Verheusen

Parallel Session B: Challenges and Opportunities in Digitisation Projects

The California Digital Newspaper Project: Canvassing, Cataloging
Preservation, Digitization – Henry L. Snyder

New Access to Old Materials: The Hong Kong Newspaper Literary Supplements Digitisation Project – Leo F. H. Ma & Louise L. M. Chan

vi Contents
Creation of a National Newspaper Repository at the University of Zimbabwe (UZ) Library – Edward Tasikani

Track 1: Physical and Digital Preservation of Newspapers:
the Issues of Legal Deposit and Copyright

Widening Access and Legal Issues: Newspapers in Focus – Majlis Bremer-Laamanen

Digital Ingest of Current Newspapers by the Bibliothèque Nationale de France: The Situation End 2007/Beginning 2008 – Else Delaunay

Track 2: Service and Access Models of Southeast Asian Newspapers

Cooperative Efforts in the Preservation of and Access to the World’s Newspapers – James Simon

The Index to Philippine Newspapers (IPN) Online – Chito N. Angeles

Service and Processing of Newspaper in Supporting Research: A Case Study of Libraries of Universities in Surabaya – Munawaroh

Enhancing Access to the Newspaper Collections: The Lee Kong Chian Reference Library Experience – Gracie Lee and Josephine Yeo

Track 3: Online Newspapers

Online Newspapers: A New Era- Ed King

Newslink 2.0: Major Issues in the Development of the SPH Multimedia News Archives – Tay Sok Cheng, Sebastian Chow and Ben Lim

All News but No Paper – Harvesting Swedish Online Newspapers – Pär Nilsson

Contents vii

Appendix: Papers presented at the IFLA conference «Libraries without borders: Navigating towards global understanding», 10 – 14 August 2008, Québec, Canada
Canadian Inuit Newspapers and Periodicals: Past, Present and Future – Sharon Rankin

Sauvegarder et numériser la presse des immigrations en France à la BnF, XIXème-XXème siècles – Philippe Mezzasalma

Publication, Access and Preservation of Scandinavian Immigrant Press in North America – James Simon and Patricia Finney

Press, Community, and Library – A study of the Chinese-language newspapers published in North America – Tao Yang

scan0004Mauritius Passions Portraits by Caroline Barth and Elie Bernager. Téré Production, 2008.   ISBN: 978 99903-36-34-4

This ninety-one pages beautifully illustrated book traces the itineraries of a panoply of Mauritian men and women who have left their imprints on the cultural and historical landscapes of this island. No less than thirty five individuals – including some who are not well known in their respective fields such as:  big game fishing,  botany, broadcasting, cinematography, comic strips, design, gastronomy, history, hunting,  kite surfing, linguistics, literature, music, painting, palaeontology, photography, sculpture, sports, story telling, underwater archaeology are vividly portrayed . Examples of personalities included are : Marguerite Labat, Tristan Breville, Michel Legris, Ben Gontran Laval Ng, Selven Naidu, Anna Patten, Percy Yip Tong, Eric Triton, and Philippe La Hausse de La Louviere.  The authors deserve credit for bringing to light such a rich array of personalities and their individual passions which would otherwise have remained hidden to many of us.

scan00022A Bridge Across Time: Selected Gandhi Memorial Lectures 1993-2007.” Edited by Dr (Mrs) V.D. Koonjal. Moka: Mahatma Gandhi Institute, 2008. ISBN 978 99908 39468.

Every year on the 02 October, the Mahatma Gandhi Institute pays tribute to Mohandass Karamchand Gandhi, an illustrious son of India whose fame has reached beyond the shores of his motherland. His non-violence philosophy has inspired several leaders such as Martin Luther King Jr., Burma’s Aung San Su Kyii, South Africa’s  Desmond Tutu and the Dalai Lama of Tibet to fight for the freedom and independence of their countries and for the betterment of the lot of their respective  people. This collection of fifteen lectures shed light on various facets of the life and work of Gandhi, namely his early experience in South Africa, his return to India, his political resistance or Satyagraha, his struggle for Swaraj or Indian self-rule, the impact of the 2nd World War on his thinking on war and peace, his principles towards self-discipline and self-regulation, inter-cultural understanding and so on. In short, this 117 pages-volume provides an interesting overview of the Mahatma.

Poissons de l'Ocean IndienPoissons de l’Ocean Indien et de la mer Rouge” by Marc Taquet and Alain Diringer. Versailles: Editions Quae, 2007. ISBN: 978 27592004500

The fauna of the Indian ocean is less well known compared to that of the Atlantic and the Pacific regions. This comprehensive and lavishly illustrated guide attempts to fill this gap. No less than eight hundred and fifty fish species are described as a result of nearly twenty five years of underwater diving in the Indian ocean and the Red sea. This reference work is aimed at both the layman who is passionate about fishes and scientists who study fish populations. In addition to the physical characteristics of fishes, their habitat and geographical zones are fully described. A list of references for further reading, a glossary and a subject index add value to the quality of this monograph.

arow New Zealand: The National Library of New Zealand is a step closer to ensuring that New Zealand’s cultural heritage in digital form is secure, forever. Read more …. National Digital Heritage Archive (NDHA)


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