The Way Towards the Digital Era

Whilst most libraries in the developed countries are talking about going digital, libraries in Mauritius still seem to be much accustomed to the old fashioned style library with plenty of dusty books on their shelves just for the sake of filling their shelves. We wonder whether this is just a lack of infrastructure (when free software such as Greenstone, DSpace, etc are available !) or a lack of vision or simply a desire to keep gripping to the old conservative tradition.

Many of us have perhaps heard about the Europeana Project underway since 2005. If not, learn that Europeana is simply a Digital Libraries Initiative aimed at bringing to your desktop a collection of European books, newspapers, photos, maps, films and sound recordings. In sum, Europeana is “the common access point to the collections of European Libraries, Archives and Museums from all around Europe” (Europeana Website 2009). Europeana will be launched in 2010.

 And when will our leading libraries and librarians in Mauritius start thinking about Digitisation? Time will tell…