Digital library v/s Electronic library v/s Hybrid library

Many of us get confused when using the terms digital library and electronic library. At times these two terms are used interchangeably, almost like synonymous terms. Is there any difference between these two terms? What do you think? Be free to express your views. I am submitting the following definitions which may help us develop a better understanding of the two concepts. The term hybrid library is also defined to provide more clarity. Do post your views and comments.

Digital Library

Collection of electronic resources that provides direct/indirect access to a systematically organized collection of digital objects.

Hybrid Library

Provides services in a mixed-mode, electronic and paper, environment, particularly in a co-coordinated way. Derived from a strand of eLibrary  which explored the issues surrounding the retrieval and delivery of information in these types of environment but also investigated the integration of different electronic services so that single search approach could be offered to the End user.

Virtual Library

Access to electronic information in a variety of remote locations through a local online catalogue or other gateway, such as the internet.



One Response to “Digital library v/s Electronic library v/s Hybrid library”

  1. Visen soodarsen Madooray Says:

    A digital library is a library in which collections are stored in digital formats (as opposed to print, microform, or other media) and accessible via computers. The digital content may be stored locally, or accessed remotely via computer networks. A digital library is a type of information retrieval system.

    An electronic library also called Virtual Library, is physical site and/or website that provides 24-hour online access to digitized audio, video, and written material.

    And finally, Hybrid library is just a term (not a library) used by librarians to describe libraries containing a mix of traditional print library resources and the growing number of electronic resources.

    Nearly all libraries can be called digital libraries or hybrid libraries nowadays, as they all offer collections stored in digital formats which are accessible via computers and bibliographic databases that index thousands of peer-reviewed scientific journals, many of which offer access to full text articles. So, Hybrid libraries are the new norm in most public and academic libraries

    There are a few libraries which are electronic libraries, that is, they provide all their resources and are accessible online only, they have no physical address. All you need is an internet connection, and by clicking on a web link, you have full access from anywhere in the world. You can either download a book on your laptop, ipod, ipad etc or read an article online on your phone!

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