Library Professionals in Mauritius: Need for Collaboration

The practice of librarianship in Mauritius, the problems affecting its development and the current and future  status of the profession have been serious  concerns for people working in the library and information field in our country. New entrants in the profession are worried not to see “real change happening”. Each one of us has his/her idea of the reasons why things are as they are; some discuss it privately, others dare to criticize openly those who they think are responsible for such conditions and still a few prefer not to express themselves. One of our member, Garen Chenganna has reflected on the subject and has produced a paper. To access it, click on the following link Garen_ The need for collaboration among Library professionals in Mauritius. We invite our members and readers to join the discussion!


2 Responses to “Library Professionals in Mauritius: Need for Collaboration”

  1. Library Professionals in Mauritius: Need for Collaboration - mauritius news Says:

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  2. Helen Says:

    I have taken much pleasure in reading my colleague Garen’s post on the issue of collaboration among our seniors. I quite agree that there is a real problem in our so-called “library profession” but is the problem really a knowledge sharing one or is it rather a problem of know-how with the ability to think widely and bring innovations without being entangled into useless gossips and back-biting, not to say masterminding plots as though we were in the middle of an Agatha Christie affair. This is the reality of the library profession in Mauritius. How many of our so-called library professionals follow a continuous professional development programme or even make it a must to read at least one library research journal every month? I’ll leave this to the reader to find out. How many of our so-called library professionals/ Heads are motivated and ready to bring innovations in their own libraries instead of hanging on to their old archaic libraries and being much more interested in building their own image and hanging on their own managerial position for obvious reasons? When will this mentality change? Nobody knows but for sure it must change or else this noble profession which is librarianship will for ever die.

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