Report on Public Libraries in Africa (1962)

This old report on the Regional Seminar on The Development of Public Libraries in Africa held in Nigeria from 10-12 September 1962, may be of interest to those who would like to have a global view of the development of  librarianship in Africa. The report focuses particularly on the training of library staff. Mention is made of Mauritius also. A comment made on courses offered is worth our reflection and it reads as follows  “…From all this, it will be seen that the general pattern of training is uneven, and the most successful ventures have been in those countries where library schools have been established. The attachment of such schools to universities, as in South Africa, has given the profession a standing commensurate with other professions and with appropriate salaries. As library services expand in emergent countries, training policies will follow local needs rather than being dependent on outside sources…” This comment invites our critical analysis in the light of new developments taking place in libraries, specially in the digital era. To read the full report, click here …Public Libs in Africa.



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