Reading Habits of Mauritians

02062009209Mr Eric Weber, Programme Officer of the Organisation Internationale de la Francophonie (OIF) was on a mission to Mauritius recently, in the context of the setting up of CELPAC – Centre de Lecture Publique et d’Animation Culturelle, a para-statal body enacted by the National Assembly, in replacement of the Centre de Lecture et d’Animation Culturelle (CLAC).

Based on circulation statistics in all the sixteen public libraries operating under the aegis of CLAC, Mr Weber believes that on average, Mauritians read 2.2 books per months. However, this method of calculation does not necessarily relect the general trend in the reading habit all over the island. The methodology used to make such assertion about the reading habits of Mauritians is quite debatable. A full survey investigating the topic has yet to be carried out to  confirm such hypothesis.  

Weber believes that providing easy access to books through public libraries may contribute to improving academic results in schools. The full text of the article may be read in “Le Mauricien” newspaper of 1st June 2009 on page 2. A pdf version of the article is accessible from this site. Just click on the mage on the left hand or click here  to view it.


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