Rare Mauritiana Collection Abroad

MauritianaPreservation and conservation of the nation’s cultural heritage is an increasingly important responsibility for national organisations. If these institutions are mandated by law to perform such activities, it is important for authorities to provide the necessary funds  to procure all collections relating to our cultural heritage.  Saving traditional printed archival materials is just one aspect of the preservation and conservation problem. The new medium of electronic publication brings along with it new challenges for preserving digital publications. Till date a national policy for the preservation and conservation of both our print and electronic collections is  not known.  In the absence of such policy, coupled by the problem of  inadequate funds, we are running a  risk to  seriously impair future scholarly research on mauritiana.  It is high time to think about the preservation and conservation of our cultural heritage. In 2007, the New York University purchased an extensive collection of rare books on Mauritius and the Indian Ocean. This confirms the saying (or belief) that for research purposes, more materials are available in foreign countries than in the holdings of local libraries. The Weekly Mauritian paper Week-End carried out an article in its edition of Sunday 29 July 2007 relating to the purchase of the collection. Click on the image for an enlarged view or click here for a pdf version of the article.

P. Hauroo


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