K.C. Harrison Report (1978) on Libraries, Documentation and Archives Services

An electronic version of the Harrison Report on Libraries, Documentation and Archives Services in Mauritius has been uploaded on our site. Just navigate to the page e-Newsletter/Publications from the left-hand side menu to access the document. You may also read it from here…Harrison Report 1978. Those who are interested in the history and development of librarianship in Mauritius will surely enjoy reading it. In that report, the author K.C. Harrison made a series of recommendations to the  Government of Mauritius to improve library, archives and information services. Some of the recommendations were related to the creation of a National Information System (NATIS) for Mauritius, training of LIS personnel, enactment of library legislation, etc.  Since the submission of that report in 1978, the library landscape has changed. Other reports that followed (Pope’s  report, for example) made similar recommendations and supported the “struggle” of librarians for an improvement of library and information services at national level. However, in view of the sweeping changes taking place today in  libraries  throughout the world, one remains sceptic about claimed “revolutionary progress”  in this field in our part of the world.  Lack of a national strategy or policy for the development of library and information sector in Mauritius does not bring hope for a brilliant future.   Much more could have been done only if there were visionary leaders in our field. . . For those who have not read the Harrison report, I would recommend them to read it.

R. Hauroo


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