How to Change the Perception of Libraries in our Country?

Many people have a wrong notion about libraries and even about library personnel. For these ignorant people (are they really ignorant or they feign to be so) librarianship is a dormant and dull profession. As library and information workers, we have to unveil that mask! We need to change this bad perception about our profession. It is high time we eradicate this wrong impression. So, seniors, juniors, friends, colleagues and supporters, let us work together to build a new image of librarianship in Mauritius. I urge all of you to feel free to express your comments and your suggestions.

If we, in the library field do not discuss about our profession then who else will do so? Others do discuss about us but unfortunately most of the critics are  negative.

If I am not mistaken, libraries exist ever since books existed (earlier manuscripts). Books will continue to exist and so will libraries. This field will never cease to exist.  It is very well-stated that “Books are the bullets in the battle for man’s minds”.

 I admit librarianship was not my childhood dream career BUT now I am proud to be in this field and love it. It is very much constructive to its very own core. And I will deliver my best in this domain.

I believe that as library and information workers, we should promote more creative activities in this field. Also, local academic institutions should offer more courses in this domain. By so doing, we will thus enhance the importance of the profession.  Let us ask ourselves what we have and what we have not: Code of ethics, Professionals, Association, Council, and support from concerned authorities? SO??

 LLL Long Live Librarianship!!! Hats off!

For now, I will end saying : United we stand, divided we fall! And yes, with eyes closed we can say this profession is here to stay in any way. Carry on.

Best wishes.

Kirtee Kiran Peryagh  


One Response to “How to Change the Perception of Libraries in our Country?”

  1. Ibrahim Says:

    Congrats for raising the issue of the image and status of the library profession in Mauritius. I have personally discussed the same question as far back as 1997 in an article in “The Information Development” – a journal published by Bowker-Saur (U.K), entitled: “The Library Profession in Mauritius: Improving its status and Image”.
    To my disappointment, most of the factors lying behind this sad state of affairs still exist even today. In simple terms, it means that very little has been achieved since then.
    While other professional groups such as accountants, engineers, computer scientists, lawyers, dentists and medical officers have been rather active, members of the library profession have either operated in isolation or been dormant. So, our greatest enemies are inside the profession – our lack of dynamism, lack of selfless initiatives and so on.

    Let us hope and pray that this time, things get better. Over and above our daily routines, we have the moral obligation to help boost up the image and status of the LIS profession.
    If we come to understand this little fact, much can be done, together.

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