Organisational Politics


Although politics in organisations or “the intentional acts of influence undertaken by individuals or groups to enhance or project their self-interests  when conflicting courses of action are possible” (Gray & Ariss, 1985) is  sometimes considered as an inescapable fact of life, it can  undermine the very foundation of such organisations  by dramatically weakening staff morale, reducing employee job satisfaction and productivity, creating victims and victors, wasting energy and time spent on planning attacks and counterattacks instead of concentrating on getting jobs done –  specially when it reaches an abnormally high or alarming level as it seems to be the case  in many private companies and public institutions in this cosmopolitan island.


 Young professionals joining the service and who happen to be imbued with a sense of duty and  moral principles and who naturally expect equity, justice, meritocracy, recognition and reward for hard work, soon become disillusioned because these values are being constantly baffled.


The saddest part of the story is when management itself encourages organisational politics, practises  the divide and rule policy, destabilises democratically elected staff associations whenever these are perceived to  be against its wishes, praises and rewards those employees who are ‘gifted’ with  this dirty ‘talent’ and who excel in this opportunistic game shamelessly.  


 The remedy to this plague is for management to cultivate a humane organisational culture which is supportive of staff, fosters equity, meritocracy, transparency, recognition and reward and values each and every employee according to his or her contribution in the achievement of organisational goals and objectives.




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