Continuing Professional Development

Continuing Professional Development is a scheme where professionals would on a continuous basis update their knowledge and skills and thus ensure that they have the required standards to perform their jobs professionally. This scheme is present worldwide and most countries require that professionals follow an appropriate Continuing Professional Development programme. Unfortunately, such a scheme is not yet available in Mauritius. The presence of such a scheme in Mauritius would have been highly beneficial to our professionals in the field of Librarianship especially since with the advent of technology, there are indeed many new things to learn and skills to acquire!



One Response to “Continuing Professional Development”

  1. liam2008mauritius Says:

    Continuing Professional Development is the joint responsibility of the individual professional, library schools (universities providing LIS programmes) and library associations. The trouble with our Mauritian colleagues is that they do not consider CPD as a priority after their formal education. There is a tendency to become slack, to retreat back in our ‘comfort zones’ or jobs and become complacent. This is dangerous indeed. The day this ‘disease’ starts plaguing us, this is the beginning of our own downfall. I do hope our peers give serious thoughts to this and do their level best not to let this happen.

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